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Proudly Made In Britain

Forestflame is the result of an unlikely combined effort from two long established Peak District businesses, stainless steel fabricator Nick Egan and furniture makers Fox Country Furniture.

The birth of Forestflame was inspired by Nick having seen a Swedish design.

Further encouraged by the apparent advance of global warming and a widespread desire to make more use of garden space, this was an ideal opportunity to create an attractive, affordable luxury that can be enjoyed all year round.

Nick felt that the design could be improved for efficiency and appearance and so asked Fox Country Furniture, to produce a top quality cedar tub while he set about optimising the design of the boiler.

Considerable development and research has now been completed to guarantee years of safe, enjoyable use from your Forestflame hot tub.

Nick Egan and Peter Fox

Nick Egan

Nick Egan

Nick Egan has worked in many fields of engineering for over 30 years, both overseas and at home, including all types of mechanical services, plant installation and fabrication work. He has built up a wealth of experience in pressure vessel and stainless steel welding

In his spare time, when not performing with his rock band "White Knuckle Ride", he has built, from plan, a forty foot steel hulled ocean going yacht.

Rory Fenton

Rory joined Fox Country Furniture straight from school at the very start of the development of Forestflame.

In the 14 years since then, Rory has become a brilliant cabinetmaker and works to the same high standards when we are producing hot tubs.

His commitment to total quality has played a big part in the steady evolution of Forestflame hot tubs to the point we are at now.

Rory Fenton

Forestflame Wood-Fired Hot Tubs, The Old Cheese Factory, Reapsmoor, Longnor, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 0LG